Our curriculum is based on The Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. Teachers write weekly lesson plans that are reviewed by the Director. The lesson plans are designed to provide children with the opportunity to develop and grow in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual and language. Classroom themes, reading and math readiness concept skills are sent home monthly in memo form to make parents aware of the concepts and materials the children are working on each month.


Extra Curricular Activities
Dance - Hip-hop, jazz, tap and ballet(girls)

  • Dance is from September-May

Science - Egg and Butterfly hatching

Trike-a-Thon - (includes bicycle safety lessons)


  • In the spring the children plant various fruits and vegetables in our garden.

  • When the fruits and vegetables are nice and ripe, we clean them and let the children sample a some.

Daily Schedule 


8:15a.m - 9:15a.m----------Breakfast

9:15a.m - 11;15a.m----------Morning Greeting & Bathroom time

                             --Attendance/Lunch count/Biblestory/Prayer

                             --------- Go for a Walk/Exercise/Playground

                             --------Academics: Math & Reading Readiness

11:15a.m - 11:30a.m-------Bathroom 

11:30a.m - 12:00p.m-------Lunch

12:00p.m - 12:15p.m-------Bathroom

12:15p.m - 2:00p.m--------Nap Time

2:00p.m - 2:30p.m---Put cots/sheets away/Tie shoes/Bathroom

2:30p.m - 3:00p.m--------Snack Time

3:00p.m - 4:00p.m(pick-up time)---Free Play/Independent activities/Playground


Before your child begins on  regular basis, we ask that parent to plan an introductory visit. This enables your child to meet his/her teacher and explore the center, especially his/her classroom. Make sure you check your child's cubby daily for important information and homework (older classes). Within 45 days  of a child's enrollment, the child will be evaluated using the Ages and Stages Screening format. Parent(s) will be called in for a conference to review the evaluation results with the teacher during the 45 day period. Parent(s) are invited to talk with teachers regularly. They are also welcomed to call the teacher during the day to check on your child. The best time to call would be during nap time (12:30p.m - 2:00p.m).  
Fees & Tuition
  1. Tuition payments are required to be paid weekly or biweekly, before service is rendered.
  2. Daily Meals consist of: breakfast/lunch/afternoon snack
  3. Meals are included in the tuition.
  4. There is no deduction for absent days within a week.
  5. A written notice of termination is required two weeks prior to withdrawing a child from the program.
  6. Registration Fee...................$50.00 (Non-Refundable)
  7. Preschool Weekly Tuition​​​
  • $165.00 (1-child) 
  • $30.00 **discount for 2 or more children** 
  • $20.00........Late Fee 
Items required when your child starts
$50.00 registration Fee
1 or 2 week(s) tuition
1 crib sheet
1 crib blanket
1 complete change of clothing
2 or more boxes of Kleenex (face tissues)
****All tuition payments are required regardless of holidays, snow closings or illnesses. Tuition can be paid with cash, checks, money order,debit card, all major credit cards.
NO checks will be accepted for final payments
The director reserves the right to request cash payments if checks are returned for NSF.​​


Grant & Scholarship Programs

Scholarship and Deadlines​

March 1: Children's Scholarship Fund www.csfphiladelphia.org

April 15: BLOCS www.BLOCS.org

CCW-Child Care Works:

St. Cyprian Children's Center is a participant of the Pennsylvania Keystone Stars Program and has its child provider license from the state of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Therefore, we accept subsidy clients from Child Care Works (CCW) if your family qualifies.

CCW Officies:

North: (215) 763-0100

Northeast: (215) 333-1560

Northwest: (215) 842-4820

South/Center City: (215) 271-0433

West/Southwest: (215) 382-4762


Enroll Today:


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